1212004_85552_1.jpg               Outdoor  Safety

1212004_51519_0.jpg      Heat Precautions  
 Historically, the outdoor temperatures remain hot at the beginning of the school each year.  Younger students
are at risk of excessive heat because of their increased body surface area.  The heat index becomes an
important factor with outdoor activities.  Each campus considers the heat factors (temperature, humidity
and sunshine) at their campus and will monitor all outdoor activities carefully.  Opportunity to drink plenty
of fluids will be provided as well as encouraging students to drink fluids during the evening hours at home.  
The staff of each campus is aware of the following signs and symptoms of heat stress.
    *Extreme sweating or lack of sweating                *Headache
    *Paleness                                                             *Nausea and vomiting
    *Muscle cramps                                                   *Rapid pulse rate
    *Fatigue and weakness                                        *Shallow fast breathing
    *Dizziness                                                            *Fainting
Students will be taken to the school nurse if symptoms of heat stress are suspected.  Dehydration is
the most common cause and the effects are cumulative.  If symptoms of heat stress become severe
and persistent, it is important to seek medical care immediately.

8202014_12709_4.jpg        Cold Precautions
Each campus considers the cold factors (temperature and humidity) at their campus and will monitor all
outdoor activities carefully..
1212004_85639_2.jpg           Inclement Weather
Inclement weather is carefully monitored.  Students will remain indoors if there are signs of thunderstorms
and lightning.  



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