Infectious Diseases:
The following conditions are common communicable diseases and infections.  
There are some requirements for re-admission to school.
   Chicken Pox  (Varicella):  Incubation period is 2-3 weeks.  Fever and vesicular rash over body.  
     Exclude from school when final eruption of rash is dry and scabbed over.  Child must have a normal

   Fifth’s Disease  (erythema infectiosum):  Incubation period is 4-20 days.  Redness noted to both cheeks
    and smooth “lacy” rash appears over body.  Fever usually does not occur.  Exclude student from school
    if he/she has fever or does not feel well.

   Impetigo  Incubation period is usually 4-10 days.  Open blisters on the skin are generally covered with
    yellowish crust.  Fever does not usually occur.  Exclude from school until after treatment has begun and
    keep lesions covered.

   Infectious Hepatitis  Incubation period can be 2-6 months.  Type A Hepatitis has abrupt onset with fever,
    malaise, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain jaundice (yellowing of skin) and dark urine. Exclude
    any strain of hepatitis from school until physician allows student to return.

   Measles  Incubation period is  7-14 days.  A blotchy red rash with runny nose, watery eyes, fever and cough.    
     Serological evidence is required to diagnose.  Exclude from school until 4 days after onset of rash.

   Mumps  Incubation period is 12-25 days.  Acute swelling over jaw and in front of one or both ears.  
     Serological diagnosis required.  Exclude from school nine days from onset of symptoms.

   Conjunctivitis (pink eye):  Red itching eyes accompanied by crusting and discharge.  Exclude from
    school until treatment is started or physician permission.

   Ringworm (scalp-body):  Incubation is 4-21 days.  Flat scaly, ring-shaped lesions located anywhere
    on body or scalp.  Balding in the lesions will be noted if located on scalp.  May return to school if treat-
    ment is started and lesions are covered.

   Streptococcal Infection (strep-throat):  Incubation period 1-3 days.  Fever, sore throat, often large tender
    lymph nodes on neck.  Scarlet fever producing strains present with a fine red rash 1-3 days after sore throat.
    Exclude from school until fever subsides, treatment started and physician permission.

   Head Lice (pediculosis):  Presence of live lice on scalp and or small firmly attached silvery-white tear-
    shaped eggs located on the hair shaft near the scalp.  There is usually severe itching and small sores
    noted on the scalp.  Exclude from school until treatment is given.  Nits must be removed and student
    will be rechecked periodically until clear.

   Scabies  Small mite that burrows under the skin causing fine red bumps or blisters on skin accompanied
    by severe itching.  Exclude from school until treatment given.

   Meningitis  Symptoms are high fever and no desire to eat or drink, severe headache, vomiting, confusion,
    possible purplish rash that looks like bruises or bleeding under the skin-especially near the armpits or on the
    hands and feet, extreme lethargy, sensitivity to light, neck that is stiff or painful when the person tries to put
    his chin on his chest.  Exclude from school until physician permission.


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