Warm Up to a Good Book!       
Sharon Spriggs

1st Grade

832- 592- 5800

conference time: 2:10p.m-2:55p.m



Word Wall Words:  the, I, can, is, a, in, it, we, me, to, my, like, see, am,he, you, at, go, on, no, up, do, so, an, 2nd grading period:  boy, by, if, jump, run, did, as, day, put, ran, now, or, sat, say, sit, us, too, yes, how, girl, here, look, man, not, get, 3rd grading period:  mom, with, got, but, play, little, she, went, was, said, her, there, all, are, ball, be, for, had, of, then, eat, this, what, out, come, saw, they, than, have, will, help, has, him, from, I'm, his, their, don't, were, came, 4th grading period:  read, that, make, before, because, about, where, could, who, your

New words:  review

Reading: fiction

Language:  contractions

Writing: personal narrative

Math:  addition/subtraction to 20

Science: food chain

Social Studies: needs/wants, goods/services  

Daily Schedule:
8:00-8:05  Arrival and announcements
8:05-8:10  Calendar  
8:10-8:40 Smart Start
8:40-9:00  Word Work/snack
9:00-9:30  Writing
9:30-11:00  Language Arts/Reading
11:00-11:30  Lunch
11:30-12:00  Recess/breaks
12:00-1:30    Math

1:30-2:10  Science/Social Studies
2:10-3:00   Enrichment (PE, Art, Music, Library)

Word wall words that we already know:

New Words for this grading period:  




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